Grow your busines faster with less effort. Team Do It provides the BizWorks online system to help you work smarter and not harder. BizWorks does everything - from lead generation, prospecting and presenting, to training and more.

Prospects go to your website and register

Send prospects to the system's lead generating websites to receive persuasive presentations. Our tracking tools notify you of every visitor so you can act while opportunity is hot.

Turn your prospects into representatives

Use the custom auto-repsonders, emails and phone scripts to follow up with warm leads to help explode your business with new team members.

State of the art training for your representatives

When you sign up a new distributor, they will have access to comprehensive training at the push of a button.

Persuasive Lead Capture Pages

These web pages act as salesmen who persuade people to listen to your presentation. This means no more cold calling.

Tracking & Reports

Full of useful business information such as knowing when someone finishes watching a video and how many people are in your pipeline. Know exactly how well your downline is performing and so much more.

Calendar & Tasks

This works like a secretary, informing you when you have appointments and tasks to do.

Broadcast Email Tools

Send emails to your entire prospect list or downline with the click of a mouse. Or send messages to just a few contacts. You have complete versatility.

Handle Your Contacts Like A Pro

BizWork's most successful franchise owners built a contact manager that has no equal. Know when to contact someone, what to say, and what to do next. Contact management and lead conversion has never been easier.

No Software Or Hardware

Because we host, manage and upgrade the system you don't have to do anything. Access the system online from anywhere in the world - even on your phone!

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